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Information about Chemistry Teaching can be found at "Sektion Chemie".

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Biological Chemisty of Carbohydrates and Glycoconjugates - Carbohydrate, Peptide, Dendrimer Synthesis - Ligand-Receptor Interactions - Conformational Control - Conformational Switches - Photoaffinity Labeling - Ligand Design - Molecular Modeling - Bacterial Adhesion to the Glycocalyx - Organizing Multivalency Effects - Molecular Diversity - Lectin Binding

Review: Organizing multivalency in carbohydrate recognition Download

Review: Oligosaccharides and glycoconjugates in recognition processes Download

Chapter in: Handbook of Carbohydrate-Modifying Biocatalysts, P. Grunwald (Ed.), Pan Stanford Publishing Ltd., 2016, 2nd edition, pp 147-215; ISBN 978-981-4669-788.

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