Useful Free Software

The software presented on this page has proven useful for everyday work. This list cannot be complete, and it does not want to be. Instead, it is a variety of free (or even open source / OSS) software which can replace widely used commercial products regarding functionality and usability. Additions and requests are always welcome.


  software application replaces platform license
1 Marvin Sketch chemical drawing, converter, utilities ChemDraw 111 freeware
1 ACD ChemSketch chemical drawing ChemDraw windows.png1 freeware
1 Avogadro 3D molecule editor, modeling, rendering, Gaussian front-end HyperChem (im Aufbau) windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS
1 Jmol molecule visualization, 3D animations, Povray front-end - windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS
1 POV-Ray raytracing (rendering of molecules) - windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS
1 QtiPlot data analysis and plotting Origin windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS
1 NMR prediction, NMR resurrector etc. ChemOffice windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png website


  software application replaces OS license
1 LibreOffice office suite MS Office windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS
1 PDF Xchange Editor PDF reader, printer and editor, annotations, page rotation etc. Adobe Reader windows.pngwinehq.png freeware
1 JabRef reference manager EndNote windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS
1 MiKTeX LaTeX distribution - windows.png OSS
1 TeXnic Center LaTeX editor - windows.png OSS
1 Calibre E-book library, editor aund converter Kindle, Adobe Digital Editions windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS


  software application replaces OS license
1 Total Commander file manager, compressor, FTP, etc. Windows explorer windows.png shareware
1 7zip file compression (7z, zip, rar, arj etc) - windows.png OSS
1 Geany text editor, macros, syntax highlighting, extensive plugins etc. UltraEdit windows.png linux.png OSS
1 Notepad ++ text editor, macros, syntax highlighting etc. UltraEdit windows.png OSS
1 Cygwin Linux shell for Windows, incl. X-Server, network tools, editors - windows.png OSS
1 InfraRecorder CD and DVD recorder Nero etc. windows.png OSS
Java Runtime Environment runtime for Java programs - windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png freeware
1 MS Security Essentials antivirus (included in Windows Defender since Windows 8) Norton AV, Sophos, McAfee etc. bis Win7 windows.png freeware
1 KeePass password manager - windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS


  software application replaces OS license
1 OwnCloud synchronization with OwnCloud servers Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS
1 Google Chrome web browser Internet Explorer windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS
1 Mozilla Firefox web browser Internet Explorer windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS
1 Mozilla Thunderbird mail client MS Outlook windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS
1 gpg4win PGP encryption
Thunderbird users: Enigmail add-on required
- windows.png OSS
1 Filezilla FTP / SFTP client - windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS
1 Bitvise Tunnelier SSH / SFTP client - windows.png freeware


  software application replaces OS license
1 Inkscape powerful vector drawing tool Corel Draw etc. windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS
1 Gimp image editor Photoshop, PhotoPaint etc. windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS
1 XnView image viewer, converter, screenshots - windows.png mac.png linux.png freeware
1 IrfanView image viewer, converter, screenshots - windows.png freeware


  software application replaces OS license
1 VLC Media Player media player,plays almost anything, incl. corrupted files or CSS encrypted DVDs Windows Media Player etc. windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS
1 Avidemux video editing, encoding & filters - windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS
1 TV Browser online TV guide - windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS
1 EasyTAG tagging tool for mp3, wma, ogg etc. - windows.pnglinux.pngmac.png OSS

Free Operating Systems for Desktop Applications

1 OpenSUSE linux.png
1 Ubuntu linux.png